Monday, February 25, 2013

Decision, decisions, decisions

   Ugh, sometimes working an overnight shift can make for some interesting moments.

   Example, when you can't sleep after work, but decide to take a nap before your Oscar party, and wake up an hour before said party. This makes you have to choose between, tidying up for company or decorating for the party.

   Of course I chose to tidy up. In fact, I missed all of the red carpet coverage because I was busy throwing together my garlic bread. So instead of the promised Oscars decorations, here's a look at my new and improved sewing space. I apologize for the lighting in the pictures, it's a basement with horrible lighting, but the fact that it was after sunset didn't help at all.

Here's the current set up, I'm doing mostly pressing right now, so my little ironing board is winning the "Who gets the desktop" race against my Singer.
Just a few of my regularly used tools out in the open. Notice my sewing machine plug next to my pincushion, this means that I can easily swap out my sewing machine or my ironing board as needed without having to mess up the cables or pedal that are hidden behind the desk.

Here's the swap, notice the workplace essentials of a wine glass and candle for ambiance.
My tabletop ironing board could easily be set across that top box and the edge of my desk (that was my intention), but one of two outlets in the entire 30 ft long room, is over to the right of my cutting board and ruler. It can just barely reach, but I'd rather not have to fight the end of the cord.

     I hope this makes up a little bit for my getting your hopes up, though honestly I had only planned on a simple paper cut-out garland with some patterned paper popcorn cones, and of course Oscar ballots.

   Has anyone out there ever had to deal with a temporary or transitional workspace for your sewing and/or crafting? How did it go? Were you able to keep your space relatively well confined, or did you end up hauling everything out and then packing it back up again at the beginning and end of each session?

May your bobbin always be full!



  1. When I started sewing, I pulled it all out and then put it away, every time. Later, I turned a walk in closet into a sewing room and then took over the corresponding bedroom. Now, it stays a fabric store exploded. Lane

    1. That seems like such a hastle, especially if you were doing quilting UGH! You must have had a really good system for organizing everyhting. I'm getting frustrated with my current set up just because I can't have absolutely everything out at all times. Is it sad that I'm contemplating setting up my sewing space first when I move in May, then finding room for all of my other stuff (aka desk, dresser, BED) around my ideal sewing set-up?