Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where does the Time Go?

I can't believe it's almost been a full month since I've posted. Here's a quick run down of what's been keeping me so busy.

-Getting a part time job while looking for a new full time one
-Searching for (and finding) a new full time job
-Looking for housing (including actual viewings now that places know their exact availability)
-Looking into possible room mate situations
-Working the last two weeks at my old job while training in at my new job AND getting part time hours at my new PT job

That's basically it, I'll give you a run down of last weekend to show that I really had absolutely no time for anything other than work and sleep.

Fri. 9 AM Wake up and go to work at new sales job at 10
Fri 10-7 Sales job
Fri 9 PM Get ready for work at the hotel
Fri 10-Sat 8 Work at hotel
Sat. 8-9 grab food and head to new job
Sat 9-5 Work at new job
Sat. 6-9 SLEEP
Sat 9 PM Wake and get ready for hotel job
Sat 10- Sun 8 Work
Sun 5-9PM Serve at part time job
Sun 10-Mon 8 Work at hotel
Mon 10-7 Work at new job

Notice the bold SLEEP bits? Notice how they total up to a whopping 11 hours over the course of that 60 hour span of time??? That is why I've been lax in posting.

Now I'm currently stealing away a few minutes of my second to last overnight shift at the hotel to let you know that I plan on returning to the blogosphere this coming week. On top of that, I actually have quite a bit of fun stuff to show you/talk about. I just need to get the time to snap some pictures and plan some project time around my shiny new daytime hours!!!

Here's a quick preview of what you can expect coming up (some sewing and some not):

  • Thrift store fabric find
  • Joann's shopping trip treasures
  • Journeys into decoupage (decoupoging? decoupogery???)
  • Papasan repair and facelift
  • Unifying my existing furniture
  • Graphpaper geekery
  • Rubber coating trials/tests
  • Defibrilating my suit project
  • Playing with whites
  • Spring cleaning my schedule/routines
My tentative plan at this point is to get anywhere from 2-3 posts out a week. This is mainly because some days I might only get 1-2 hours of work done on any one project, so if I get 2-3 days like those lumped together, I'll have more to show you per post and less personal expectation to get new posts out there quite as often. I also promise that if I have a busy week, I'll at least grab some time on the weekend to tell you about it, maybe brainstorm my plans for the coming week and just keep you in the loop.

Thank you for sticking with me through this and I can't wait to show you some of the fun (and somewhat strange) things that have come into my possession while I've been away.

I hope you all had a great start to your spring, and I look forward to welcoming the warmer months with you!


P.S. Sorry for all of the lists :-S

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  1. Good grief, what it is to be young and have enough energy to work 60 hours and sleep only 11! I remember those days, although I do admit there was a lot more partying over that time as well as work. Good on you for holding it together while getting it together, so to speak xo